When You Make Money

Life is not all about making money, hitting the big leagues or rolling in silver and gold. Join us on #MondayMarket to find out more.

Now that the money has come indeed and you’re living the dream; Business has boomed, customers have responded, the policies have been helpful – see the instance of Berkshire Hathaway gaining $29Billion in 2017 as a result of America’s New Tax Laws – from Warren Buffet’s last letter.

You are now at that turn on the highway of enterprise and of wheeling and dealing in the market place, where the society that contributed to your making needs to see your helping hand. It’s that place where you need to make a statement to your subscribers and customers in expression of your appreciation for their patronage. The point where you’ve got to say, “I know you got my back all this while” or “we would not have made it this far, but for your patronage”.

You know you’ve been on the highway of take-take-take-take, but now, happily, it’s time for you to do that which is more blessed.

Give: to that indigent school that could never repay you directly or through their parent connections or by whatever means!
Give: to that indigent patient at the orthopedic or general hospital that has no last straw in sight and may never find one.

Touch: the lives of the folks around you whom your generator noise, fumes and all your operational activities have impacted over time.
Touch: the lives of the women who scrounge for daily subsistence through your business and thereby hugely enhancing your bottom line through their sweat.
Touch: your low level employees, the soldiers in your anthill that implement and have supported you to make it happen for your blossoming enterprise.

Just take a moment off your high horse to see the needs around you that are begging to be met with by a pittance. Just a drop of your benevolence can save a life and transform a generation. It is no secret or surprise that the greatest givers in the world right now are amongst the world’s top 5 richest. They invest in mankind’s areas of need. The bountiful harvest may not come right away. But besides the tax benefits, you will definitely get it in droves and sheaves, in goodwill and otherwise.

Let your business take a breather, look at investment from the ‘give-perspective’ and exhale. You will see a whole new side of the market place when you take this route. You should understand that investing and thriving is also about giving. You only win when you give. You are telling the elements that you are more than this current level.

Exert your influence in life by giving. Take dominion through selflessness and let your corporate magnanimity reign.

Have a prosperous week ahead.

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