2 thoughts on “Who Is A Mother?”

  1. Adewale Adeyemi

    MOTHERS… the very definition of strength & gentleness…
    She’s a pillar of strength, always there for you, especially when you are most vulnerable.
    She’s there to chase away the vultures lurking around you, especially those you’re unable to see.
    Words alone cannot fully express how to define a mother…

  2. Really didn’t get to know my mother growing up but I still have a fragment of what she was like then ( I don’t get me wrong, she isn’t dead but alive and well), a tough no nonsense, loving but never showing it, highly temperamental yet soft on the inside.
    Growing up without her was a painful, lonely, depressing and seriously out of sync time for me.
    Getting to know her now ain’t as easy but we do have a relationship though and deep down, I love her very much.

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