Why You Can’t Learn From Your Mistakes

Hocus pocus!!! The idea that you can learn from your mistakes is like being a pro at Marco Polo (a game where one person closes his eyes whilst another gets as far away as possible, then the blind person shouts “Marco!” and the other shouts “polo!”, and the blind person is to find the other using sound alone). Problem is this hide-and-seek game is played in the swimming pool. Same game, same water but I bet the variables will change in the sea in the midst of a storm, or in a lake in the midst of swans, or in a river in the midst of rocks. I don’t know, maybe you’re like me, maybe you haven’t lived long enough for life to repeat old questions, and as long as that is the case, you’re going to need a whole lot more than just learning from your mistakes.

Life is exactly like the math teacher who gives the simple questions out as examples whilst the more complex ones come out in the test. You find yourself unprepared for the X’s and Y’s, the variables that turn your examples upside down. You realize that you can’t solve new problems with old memories, yours or otherwise. Truth is, there will always be fewer examples than questions.

The rules keep changing (like the way EFCC probes work in Nigerian politics). You’ve thus got to find the formula. Still, there are different matters arising, you can’t use the formula for ‘mean’ to solve ‘mode’, or formula for ‘mode’ to figure out the circumference of a circle. Knowing the formula isn’t enough. There is only ONE thing flexible enough to solve EVERYTHING, and that ONE is THREE, and that THREE has SEVERAL expressions.

Unfortunately, we can’t get around to learning about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit enough. Too many distractions, we’re trying to figure out life on our own terms but with each passing moment, our data is outdated. Why not surrender therefore to the tutelage of the eternal God. He knows what was, what is and what will be.

Naturally, this will be hard, but no one expects you to carry on naturally. Learning from your mistakes is a myth because if life is anything like your toughest lecturer in school, it doesn’t set the same questions twice. So hunger for wisdom, hunger for wisdom and even if you get zapped to a planet two galaxies away from ours, you would be able to not just survive, but thrive because you do not just rely on experience alone.

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