Winning In The Workplace

Brief Refresher: Where purpose is forgotten or unknown, abuse is inevitable. There is a reason they call it the ‘workplace’, not ‘warplace’. Our survival mentality sometimes gets in the way of reasoning. Why should the place we spend a greater portion of our time and energy become the place of unnecessary battles? Our workplace should be a place for collaboration, friendship, cross-fertilization of ideas. It should and must remain a place for the nourishment of our mind, body and intellect.

Career professionals are often frustrated when trying to relate with colleagues in the workplace. We seek creative and productive environments. These are more powerful than huge salaries! Many have lost their creative minds to hostile workspaces. Yet, a workplace should turn ideas into real value for people or organizations to use. Don’t aspire to be politically correct, or seen in a particular way. Rather, be your true self.

Though employers should create a good ambience, humans are ultimately responsible for the workplace environment. Computers and other office systems don’t fight, neither do they complain. It’s the human element that impacts everything.

As an influencer in your workplace, you’ll need to adopt a new approach if you desire a stimulating environment. The good book says he/she who desires a friend should be seen as friendly. Improve on your attitude, be people-focused.

The workplace often provides an environment to display and enhance what’s on the inside of people. Look for every opportunity to give sincere compliment to people when they deserve it. Recognize efforts, hard work and accomplishments among your colleagues. Truth is, we see these things.

Pay attention and #KYC – Know Your Colleagues. People don’t care until they know you care. Learn to say ‘Thank you’, ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘Please’. These words are needed in our ‘essential vocabularies’.

If you know you lack the minimal relationship and communication skills, go for a training to improve on this.

So go ahead, be an influencer today and win in your workplace. Have a great day!


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  1. Meg Ituen-Umanah

    Message: The three amazing word , I’m sorry, Please, and Thank you, is now registered In my heart. A big thank you to WhiteOlive.

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