Winter Is Gone!

We are often not prepared for the downsides of life. For instance, a bride is so carried away, planning the perfect fairytale wedding that it’s a big shocker to learn that in real life, marriages aren’t like a fairytale or Hollywood love story. Or the youth corps member who got it good, posted to a big city and to one of the best companies in the city, only to find out that the work culture is chaotic and one will practically live in the office.

We are in the 4th quarter of the year and in most cases, we’re thinking of Christmas and planning the party outfits, what we’ll get for the kids, the holiday getaway, who to visit and meals to make.

We may even have begun buying stuff: hampers, Christmas lights, trees, CDs, wines, chocolate e.t.c. but what a lot of us fail to consider is that as we are now in Q4, have we achieved what we set out to accomplish this year?

Family goals, career goals, business goals, relationship goals?

  • This is the time to evaluate your position and plan towards the end of the year… towards succeeding and towards the start of a great 2020 to come.
  • This is the time to attend carefully selected women seminars that will connect you to game changers and make you that boss lady.
  • This is the time to dive into special parenting events, learn more about your parenting habits and craft, how you intend to build your family in the new year.
  • This is the time to focus, read up and evaluate your marriage, your relationship, your celibacy and plan ahead for what you want it to be like and to feel like.
  • This is the time to change your eating habits for a good one, your dressing habit for an elegant one and your attitude towards humanity for a loving one…
  • Winter (that you thought was a while away) is actually gone!

It’s the time to understand that the ember months are not for planning end-of-year parties but to have a focused end-of-year and plan towards a productive new year… time to Finish Strong!

If you are confused on how to go about it, join us this coming Sunday at any of our two services by 8 am or 10 am at Muffy Hall, 271, Herbert Macaulay Way, Alagomeji, Yaba. Let’s figure it out together.

Have a great #WomanWednesday

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