Wolf Of Broad Street

Is it possible that the motive for establishment of an enterprise shows in the disposition of both the entrepreneur and the environment?

The response to this poser is not far fetched. Many people pray and hope to work with fantastic bosses and business leaders who they believe will help them succeed, fulfilled and excited about their individual roles in the enterprise. The entrepreneur is responsible for the kind of environment created in the venture. In an ideal situation, the business owner is the carrier of the personality of the business.

The personality of the entrepreneur drives every aspect of the business whether it’s admitted or not. There are business owners who are either extroverted or introverted. The introverts are likely to be deep thinkers, cool and conscious of their thoughts and environment. The extroverted personalities are more friendly, sociable, outstanding and alive to people and the environment.

The dispositions of these individuals impact significantly on their environment. The truth is people are attracted to you by the environment you create and the truth is the inverse as well. Your personality can repel folks from you. It is important to note however that no personality type is outrightly good or bad. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. The strong contention here is what is your relationship with your competition and other industry players?

Do you engage in healthy or unhealthy competition?
Are you known by your ruthlessness or thoughtfulness or ethical practice in your industry?
Do you build and manage relationships, people and resources?
When brought home to your internal customers, how is the interpersonal relationship you’ve built with them over time?
How much value do you put on your people?
Is the work more important than people?
Have you made it so obvious such that your people can’t take a bullet for you and your business?

On the contrary, are you too nice to get jobs done? While these questions appear as difficult pills to swallow, an attempt to answer them will move your business forward. Love and be passionate about people, because solving people’s problems is the reason you started business. You can’t afford to stand alone, you need people to stand with you. Viable and successful businesses are run by people, made efficient and profitable by people.

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  1. The personality of the entrepreneur drives every aspect of the business whether it’s admitted or not.

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