Women In Leadership

Today we talk about being a woman and attaining leadership. Women, leadership? These are already conflicting terms in many climes. There are two principal areas where conflict in respect of those terms are prone to arise, because first, culturally, as a woman you are not expected to lead & religiously the woman is expected to be submissive.

So, how then can we lead as women in whatever environment and sphere of life we find ourselves?

Leadership as we have come to see over time is not a matter of physical strength or muscles, otherwise we would not have the number of successful female leaders we see around the world today in different walks of life.

Today women sit at the helm of affairs in politics, banking, pharmaceuticals & construction etc. Attaining leadership, by these women, was not because they wore the best make up, dated or hung out with the right people. There is only the wise approach to the issues of leadership.

Statistics have shown over time that women are actually leading in most male dominated industries and this is more as a result of enlightenment and relevant exposure.

With time, women have managed to crack the glass ceiling and in the process proved to be able to do as much as, if not better than, their male counterpart.

Although gender equality is not where it should be but it is a far cry from where it used to be.

Women are born natural leaders, it is not in the physical strength but in the resolve of the mind, in the submission to conquer approach, it is in the ability to multi-task, be a CEO, mother, wife, daughter, all at the same time.

So, though she is expected by culture to be behind the scene, to be seen and not heard, the natural God-given ability to organize, to calculate and manage income and expenses, to plan, to hand out instructions and direct are the key qualities that most successful organizations require to lead.

A woman being innately gifted with these qualities and given the right exposure, will ultimately make an excellent leader.

She doesn’t have to be Ivy League trained to learn it, it comes free with the whole package from heaven.

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