Women That Praise

Vera is always smiling. She recently passed her audition to join the choir in church. One use to wonder why a lady in her late 30s who lost her prestigious job and have had it bad with men will always be so happy, full of life and with a smile. Always telling us everything is all right. Well, it was never like that with her. She has in the past spent hours on her knees crying and praying until that soft sweet voice told her to worship, now all she does is praise and worship and her life has been full of peace, joy and satisfaction.

Daphne noticed how radiant she was and asked her how she copes with all life had thrown at her . Daphne married to a young well to do gentleman. She had 2 young children and lived in one of the choicest estates in Lagos yet she felt lost, unachieved and lonely. She prays but felt the prayers where not good enough. She had fasted and joined a group in church but still, no satisfaction.Vera introduced her to praise.

Praise has kept me this long, she told Daphne. I noticed prayers, due to its intense nature takes you deep into your pain but praise, praise frees you from it as it is filled with expectancy. Prayer is where you ask while praise is where you give thanks. This is the structure of faith.

Since Daphne got this code of happiness, her life has not been the same. Her three hours of prayers most times are now three hours of praise and worship. She found the happiness and peace she longed for and doesn’t feel lonely anymore.

This is the same for Big Mama. She shares this testimony everytime in church. How can you say you have faith and yet do not give thanks? You cannot feel fulfilled when you don’t say thank you Lord, she preaches. Praise elevates the soul and radiates in the physical. Songs do this naturally and when its praising God, it doubles. No wonder big Mama’s home is always filled with love, yes, praise reminds us of God’s love for us.

This month of August, we have chosen to praise God every day till the end of the year and what better way to experience this peace, love and happiness than to join us this Sunday for “Just Worship”, as we break the spiritual jars of our alabaster box (perfume) at the feet of Jesus and we let the fragrance of our praise fill the earth and touches the heart of our Maker.
Time is 9am and the venue is at Muffy Hall, 271 Herbert Macaulay Road, Alagomeji, Yaba.
Spread the love, invite a friend as you come and be blessed.

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