Work-Life Balance & The SuperWoman

Hello friend and welcome to #WomanWednesday. Today, we would be talking about ‘Work-Life balance & the Supermom’. Do enjoy…

Nkem was tired. Tired: body, soul & spirit. Drained from all of life’s demands. She didn’t feel like trying any more. She said to herself: “Who will notice if I just stop being ‘Superwoman’ for once? Sure they will all survive”. Wishing she could stay in a remote hotel and sleep for a week, she calculated the costs and chuckled to herself. Seriously though, this overwhelming feeling needed to be managed, else, she figured a breakdown was coming.

“How do others do it and make it look so easy?” She was a wife, mum of two, had a 9-5 and several side hustles. Not to talk of church and volunteer commitments, mentees, friends & in-laws… the demands on her time were enormous! She seemed to be working on autopilot lately, with no real passion for the jobs or people. Nkem knew it was time to refresh.

All over the world and especially with African ladies, the ‘Nkems’ are numerous. In fact, some are their family’s breadwinners. In some cases, they are even under more pressure to impress others, to show that they can do it all with no fuss. However, they forget that they are first humans and then women, before the myriad roles in which they happen to function. This realization will help them as they work on maximizing their energies, time and resources as bona fide “Superwomen”.

Here are a few tips for the Nkems struggling to be themselves and chase their dreams, while wearing so many hats.

  1. You are human: Accept your limitations and realize that the ‘Super’ in Superwoman comes only from God. This will help you reach for the sun, but not mind if you catch the stars. Lean not on your own understanding or abilities.
  2. You are a woman You are different in all ramifications and come with your own special manual. LOL. Be sure to discover your personality, likes, dislikes, skills, strengths & weaknesses. Those all make you unique.
  3. You have an audience of ONE: Seeking to please Him first helps you focus on what really matters. Discovery of Purpose tends to direct your activities and pulls resources, men, money and minutes, in your favour.
  4. You only have 24 hours daily: As treated in #TieTuesday yesterday, time waits for no babe. Prioritize daily tasks in line with short & mid-term goals. Boldly say NO (internally & externally) to avoidable ones. As you go about your day, check in with yourself and ask frequently: “Is this the best use of my time right now?”
  5. You only have ONE chance: Life is short, so determine to live your best version of it. Ensure that you have no regrets. Don’t be afraid to change tires while in motion. If a relationship/job/idea is REALLY not working, stop & reorder.
  6. You can’t give what you don’t have: Self-care ensures that you are replenished daily: mind, body and spirit. Make time (yes, out of none) to meditate, eat right, exercise, care for your skin, listen to uplifting music & relax…
  7. Love is the greatest gift of all: Let love be your only motive. See the good in others and good will come to you. Genuinely caring for family, friends & colleagues brings out the best in you and helps re-energize you for exploits.

So, hope this helps? Shoutout to the Nkems and Superwomen out there. You all are the real MVPs!

Have a great day and enjoy the rest of this women celebration month… XOXO!

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