Working Out Vs Walking Out – Which Is The Christian Thing To Do?

Every now and then, our faith is put to test. How we choose to handle it tells on our character and our ‘Christ-like’ belief. There are so many theories on how women behave. None however has been able to tell how she can be managed or is there? #WomanWednesday brings us Tola’s story.

Tola was furious. She was so mad at the thought of always being mad. For once, she was not thinking about her sister in-law. Her thoughts were on her 7 years old son who just asked her why she was always mad and shouting… “isn’t that against what God preaches?” he asks.

It’s easy for us to forget God when we are up against a peer. She and her sister in-law were age mates and she’s living with her and her husband for the first time. Since she arrived, it’s been one allegation or the other and one drama to another. Engendering constant fights with her husband and finger pointing at her maid. The culprit, her sister in-law Kachi. Kachi was so manipulative and when she could not manipulate Tola, she started hating on her.

Tola, being a typical woman, proved to Kachi that she was not smarter than her and will not allow her take over her household without a fight. For once, Tola never thought of praying about it and approaching the matter with love. For once, she forgot to ask “what will Jesus Do?”.

We find it easy to fall prey to the devil’s manipulation when someone we consider ‘not up to our level’ challenges us. We push our faith aside and try to level up with harsh words, fights or challenges instead of showing love and humility.

Funny how this is common with women. We forget that it’s best to work it out with love than walk out with a fight in mind. The Bible is filled with stories of how to handle disputes, especially in the home. Love conquers a variety of, if not all, wrongs. It can be hard, it can be tough, but together, we can influence decisions we make especially with difficult people that we cannot do without.

Do you have a similar story to share? Please share now let’s try and work it out together, woman to woman.

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