Workplace Emotion

“You know what your problem is? You’re too super-sensitive in your emotions.” Roland’s boss said this to him on his way out of the office. “How can you let emotions take hold of you?” The barrage of questions that followed were like poisonous darts piercing through his self-esteem

Roland’s project presentation did not meet the expectations of his team, thus he became so emotional about it. Many reasons were responsible for the failure and most were not within his control.

The last time he showed such emotions was during the last promotional exercise. Such drama! His appraisal was poor so he wasn’t promoted and so he broke down right there in the office.

Roland has always given the rein to his emotions any time things don’t turn out the way he expects. Yet, he’s an executive with over 5 years of experience working in a multinational organization.

Most of us may have had such funny & sensitive experiences in the past. Like… when your favorite project was suspended after putting in so much effort, or when a boss shouts and offloads his/her frustration on you; as though someone in that office wanted you out badly.

Often times, we over-react, instead of responding appropriately in such situations. These reactions have a strong tendency to impair our effectiveness & personal reputation. It can also cast serious aspersions on your professional brand.

Sometimes, it’s frustration, disappointment, irritation, anger, displeasure, worry etc. We have to learn to manage workplace emotions. Always recall how the last experience turned out.

Learn to understand people, especially people in your team. After all, you spend the most time with them everyday. Always learn to get out of yourself to evaluate the situation; stop to reflect on your options.

Emotions are unstable. Never allow people conclude about you based on your emotions. Learn to be assertive about your work and always admit when you’re clearly in the wrong.

These, and other tips on emotional intelligence, are ways to remain in control of your emotions in the workplace. Regardless of challenges from situations or team members, remember to be a positive influencer.

Enjoy your day.

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