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We are created as relational beings, thus we thrive on relationships, in the marketplace or our personal lives. Even in the office space, relationships are vital for achievement of goals and objectives of an organization. Our immediate/extended team is more important than our position or monthly pay. Therefore, managing our relationships is like managing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

That one is a superior at work today does not make your subordinates inferior to you. The subordinate can be influential and of substantial help tomorrow. When people transfer to other organisations, it is not always due to better pay. Often times, it is because of the work environment and their bosses’ attitude.

Some years back, a young man who had worked with me for a couple of years left for a bigger organization. I was glad that I managed the relationship well during his transition and after he left. It was good news and sign on good standing in the market place that a bigger organisation could poach from us. That relationship helped reduce a debt burden few months down the line. This was because he rapidly grew in that organization and became influential to help source new business for us.

We should never forget that it is a privilege to have people work with us. Our capacity to manage people and their excesses is one of the hallmarks of excellent leadership.

As you invest in your career, also be devoted to how you treat people. Upgrade your attitude/relationship with others. Great organizations value attitude. They cherish character over competence. We cannot value machines and equipments more than people, even with their weaknesses. A great organization is a community of great people – irrespective of their imperfections.

A proverb says, “There is a possibility of someone good and noble inspiring us to selfless service”. How we manage our emotions concerning people’s blunders or underperformance reveals a lot about our leadership skills. Helping people grow in their careers makes them feel eternally indebted to us. Whether in the up-line, down-line, or horizontal cadre, people are potentially the future we desire. Using people for our selfish ambitions is not cool. They always know when we do.

Remember, you are an influencer and an authority: so go on and do great exploits in the workplace!


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