Workplace Romance

There are many factors that attracted Dee to Jay; her warm attitude, consistent smile even when she was under pressure and her commitment to excellence. Getting to see such beauty everyday was a blessing. For Jay, she loved his dedication to work, his ambition, quirky sense of humour and how he switched from boardroom ‘tough guy’ to sweet and sensitive, whenever they were together.

Did I mention that they work in the same office? Yeah, most businesses have strict regulations about such things, so, starting a relationship at work can be tricky. We spend an average of 40hours at work every week; that is enough time to form great friendships and intimate relationships. Here are a few things to consider before taking the plunge;

Stay Professional – when in love, we tend to forget boundaries and engage in public display of affection. We know you love each other, please do not rub it in our faces, keep it private!

Be respectful – especially if it is a senior/junior relationship, do not talk down, disrespect or pass comments that undermine each other. If you do, trust me,  the relationship might not last.

Friends are precious – there will always be people who were friends with him/her before you started the romance; accomodate them. Do not alienate your partner from good friends.

Side boo and bae – there is always that one person that would like your boo/bae to become theirs, appreciate friendly rivalry, but do not get physical; it’s really not worth the drama.

Haters’ gonna hate – there will be people who do not approve or who outrightly want to end the romance for you, safeguard your relationship from them. Guard your heart with all dilligence…

Staff handbook – know what the policy says. Some companies allow inter-departmental relationships and some prohibit them. Whatever your company’s policy is, make sure you understand the implications

Weigh your options – it is advisable for one person to try to find employment elsewhere, it spreads/reduces the risk of financial instability, if the company goes through tough times. Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

No hard feelings – if the relationship has to end, ensure it does not degenerate into a cold war. You might still have to work together, so it’s important to stay friends or, at least, keep it civil.

Happily ever after – if you end up together permanently, that is, marriage; congratulations! You’ll have great stories to share and loads of insider jokes.

Love is a beautiful thing, and when handled properly, can lead to an amazing life. However, if not, it may lead to bitterness and resentment. So, wherever love finds you, wisely make the most of it. Workplace romance can be tricky – would you engage or advise a friend to? Tell us your take on this in the comments.

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