Xperience Is Key

Some things in #business are better experienced than thought. They simply redefine our reality of #business and the way it is done. Experiences that shape our perception of the entire concept of business and of managing relationships and customers expectations and the likes.

For instance, how do you teach humility? A thousand words won’t do the trick. Truth is, what a humbling experience will do to a bloated ego and pride cannot be compared to several certificates on the subject of humility. In another case, it took an experience to really understand and appreciate the power and import of communication. One acquires new acumen that sticks better with us than imagined.

Sometimes, these experiences are required for the business to navigate the next phase of growth. The story of Roberts comes to mind. He had built this fairly successful medium size oil and gas business. It was the period of scarcity. The price of petroleum product had skyrocketed. They were hoping to cash in on this wave. This particular day, he had 10 trucks of petroleum products to sell.

Based of his analysis and prevailing market price, he gave a fixed and firm instruction that the product be sold at a particular price or so he thought. Unfortunately, he had given conflicting instructions unknowingly. It sounded like 2 price options subject to different interpretations and discretion. Though something in his mind told him to crosscheck the information but he brushed it aside, concluding that he had effectively communicated.

Later in the day, the products were sold at a loss. In fact, the total sum couldn’t buy more than 8 trucks of new products. For Roberts, no seminar was going to teach effective communication better than that unfortunate experience. But our experiences doesn’t have to be negative and fatal. Most of the time we have divine help we never use. Engaging God’s wisdom and leading will save us lots of headaches.

As business people, it’s important our good #experiences are incorporated and replicated into our organizations… only the good ones anyway. Allow for mistakes and failures and don’t make it fatal for your team. But while experience is a very good teacher, learning from the experienced may save you unquantifiable time and losses.

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