You Are A Steward

A steward is a person entrusted with the care of another’s property. But biblically, a steward is a servant (Luke 12: 42-43).

God created us to use our lives, talents & skills to serve Him. Even Jesus, when amongst us acted as a servant (Luke 22: 27). Jesus’ energy was focused on the Father’s business, working for Him who sent Him.

As Christians, we need to know that God owns our lives so we may give it all to him in service. We should always remember that God gave us all we have, be it spiritual or material, to serve Him (John 3: 27).

We are called to service & as His stewards we are expected to be faithful in stewardship (John 12: 26, Matt. 23:11).

We also see God emphasizing service when he commanded Pharaoh to let His people go that they may ‘serve’ Him (Exo. 8:1). So you notice the only purpose for delivering Israel out of 430 years of slavery was to ‘serve’ God.

Hannah’s long term barrenness was terminated the moment her reason for a son was diverted to serving God. Imagine what service to God & humanity can do for your destinies, awesome and amazing things.

Solomon focused on being a blessing to the people of Israel when God gave him a blank cheque.

As His stewards, whatever we have, own or control ultimately, still belongs to God (Matt. 25:14). God will not give us more than we can handle in our stewardship because He doesn’t waste his resources (Matt. 25:15).

Also, notice that we will give account of our stewardship to Him, He who gave us the resources (Matt. 25:19). Faithfulness in little things results in more entrusted resources & promotion from God (Luke 16:10-12). Lack of faithfulness results in excuses & prejudice in stewardship; the reason many remain in the same position (Matt. 25:24).

In Matt 25:26, the unfaithful steward is regarded as wicked, lazy and undeserving of more privileges in life. God will often take opportunities from the unfaithful and give them to the faithful stewards (Matt. 25:28-29). Every unfaithful steward will end up in regret while the faithful will be increased more & more (Matt. 25:28-30).

God wants us to be super effective, productive and profit-oriented stewards (Matt. 25:30). So, change your orientation, understand the purpose of everything concerning you. In this life, you are a steward.

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