You Have All It Takes

What are the ingredients of success? How much harder do you have to work, as a woman, to achieve your dreams? Good afternoon and special greetings to our ladies out there. #WomanWednesday is here to tell you, ‘You have all it takes’ to succeed!

Femi listened to Tolu quietly, he wondered how a beautiful, multi-talented woman such as this could be so depressed. She spoke of the pressure of being a wife, trying to conceive with her husband, working 9-5 and being a leader in church. “It’s not easy being a woman”, she said. “The double standards are too high, not to talk of confusing!. If I’m firm and strict, I’m called over-ambitious. If I play to the gallery and act soft, I’m trying to seduce the men!”

Femi was confused on how to advise her. He was supposed to be her coach but he was short of words. It’s a mystery why women in our society still feel disadvantaged, caged by a ‘glass ceiling’ that may or may not actually exist.

Women actually are special beings, customized with ALL it takes for any role they wish to take on.

Ladies, you are equipped on every side, you just haven’t discovered it yet. Let’s show you a few things on this week’s edition of #WomanWednesday.

First, women are said to be more emotional than logical. This means that you have the ability to sympathize and empathize in all kinds of situations. Where people need a listening ear, a soft touch or an understanding heart, you are regarded as the best person for the job – no matter what job that is.
That, however, doesn’t mean you are compliant, complacent or a doormat.

As a woman, you also have an innate sense of morality and discipline. You have the ability to stand by principles when there are grey areas. A strong woman is sure of who she is and what she stands for without being swayed by the crowd.

Yes, you are that strong woman, with the ability to also stand tall when the going gets tough! Have you noticed that we are the experts in disguise? Fire may be burning internally, but we are able to suck it up, fight the good fight and keep going.

Women have tremendous staying power, as long as the wait is worth it.

Speaking of deserving fights, women are endowed with innate wisdom or what we call intuition. You can’t buy that in the market. You can hone that skill by seeking for more wisdom from the bible & inspired books and learning from respected people. In most cases, you won’t go wrong.

Lastly, we are the masters of multi-tasking. You are wired to get your hair done, do a report, speak to a friend, bake a cake and feed your baby, all simultaneously. While this is a great thing, you will also need to learn the art of focus and ‘finishing strong’. Be a finisher and success is guaranteed.

So ladies, be assured that you do have all it takes to achieve your dreams! Encourage another woman today in the same spirit and do have a great #WomanWednesday.

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