You Need Wisdom

Dave had worked with a multinational company for 7 years & he grew rapidly within the system. It took him a few years to get to the position he now occupys in the organization. Dave was so favoured. In a few years, he could become a very senior executive in the organization with the attendant perks.

However, Dave felt there was still something missing in his life that he needed to fix, even though he wasn’t sure what it was. Unfortunately, like most people, Dave will always keep his issues to himself. He didn’t seek proper counsel.

This void had nothing to do with his job, or so it seemed. He just wasn’t sure what it was & how best to deal with it. He was torn between changing his job & relocating his family abroad, a decision he dreamt about for years.

Then, suddenly, he put up one of his cars for sale. Shortly afterwards, all his possessions. He was relocating his family abroad.

It seemed greener on the other side. He felt he had made the right decision & a fantastic one for that matter. He sold everything as fast as he could at give away so he could meet his relocation deadline. He converted all his funds & relocated his family.

Three years later, things started to happen & life became difficult. In a recent mail he sent to his friend, he said life had become hard for him. He regretted leaving his job.

Mistakes are part of our make up as humans, we are very prone to mistakes but it shouldn’t be perpetual. Navigating through life is a difficult thing without wisdom. We cannot afford to be without wisdom. Wisdom is the principal thing, you need to get wisdom & while you’re at it, gain discretion as well. It’s very obvious that our lives depend on it.

These are interesting times for us as individuals & as a nation. Making life-long decisions require that we reflect extensively & consult widely. We need to gain a spiritual perspective.

Not all job offers are yours, just as not all open doors are yours to walk through & definitely, not all opportunities are yours. It requires wisdom & the force of prayer to make serious life-long decisions as a career professional.

You need God’s wisdom in dealing with every aspect of your life. You need it on your job, relationships, finances and so on. The economic news around threatens our sense of worth & security, especially for those in the corporate world. There is nothing wrong with relocation, but everything is wrong with it if you’re not led to do so.

That ‘leading’ must be inspired by prayers, extensive consultations & wisdom from the core of your being. There’s a path of life that looks harmless enough, look again-it may lead straight to a dead end.

Sure enough, some professionals seem to be having a good time, but the laughter often ends in regret & heartbreaks.

Don’t live your life experimenting all through. Get wisdom, gain understanding. Get insight to life & live extraordinarily.

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