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Every business enterprise exists for a particular reason among many others & that is for profit. An enterprise solves economically viable problems at a profit. That’s the fact or else you don’t have a business. Whether you’re an SME or a large corporation, you’re in business to solve few of our problems in a profitable & sustainable way.

It’s a lofty & good thing to embark on such a venture to improve the quality of our lives generally. Whatever value you offer in the marketplace is exceptionally brilliant, it’s good works & it matters.

Businesses do good works and that’s why people give money in exchange for the value they offer. Every legitimate enterprise is good works & profiting from our good works does not make it any less good.

Your business needs to do more good works though by taking responsibility for a few of our social issues. Businesses are increasingly volunteering to be more socially responsible, they call it ‘Corporate Citizenship’ or ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR).

CSR is a situation in which businesses are willing to incur short term costs that provide no immediate financial gains to them. In the CSR process, corporations are willing to show sensitivity to social & environmental issues around them.

Operating a viable business in this part of the world is challenging. You provide all you need for business survival …the power, the funds, the logistics & every other thing the business needs to survive. You’re already fully responsible for your survival as an enterprise & you don’t want to add extra luggage.

Notwithstanding these, your involvement as a business in CSR is dependent on your market & your size. We must note that CSR is essential for showing responsibility for our society & our business outlook at the same time. You can do your good works in small levels according to the means available to you. Just ensure you do something.

Despite the deprivation & environment, your business has survived & thrived, it’s only right to give back.

However, let the charity begin from home. Our good works as businesses should start from within the business. Improve on the welfare of your staff. The business is first socially responsible to the staff. In addition, visit hospitals & pick up the medical bill of some sick poor people at the hospital.

A nursing mother was once detained in a government hospital for 2 weeks because she could not pay her medical bill. There are so many people in the hospital awaiting surgery but can’t afford it.

If your business is doing well, you’ve really worked hard but you’ve also enjoyed God’s benevolence. Let’s take the initiative to better our society, while we add value to life through our businesses.

Let’s remember to give back, no matter what. God bless our businesses in Jesus name.

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  1. There is that scattereth, and yet increaseth; and there is that withholdeth more than is meet, but it tendeth to poverty – Proverbs 11:24.

    Truly, given the fact that companies in this part of this world generate their own electricity and other amenities and still pay tax, a lot of them think there is no need to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility any more.

    Think about CSR as a medium of advertising of advertising your product. If you provide pipe borne water to a community, chances are that the community will never forget it and that will make them patronize your business.

    By law, at least 10% of your profit is an allowable tax deduction if you spend it on CSR. If businesses can learn from The Redeemed Christian Church of God (especially CAMP), they will be sure to progress. There is no community they spread to that is not impacted. Infact, communities around that area look forward to being part of the camp because there is the guarantee of electricity, road developments and other forms of exposure little wonder people flock to the church.

    Advanced countries keep getting blessed inspite of their mess because they give to other countries – maybe we should tag that as “Corporate World Responsibility”.

    The bottom line is you can’t outgive God no matter how much you give and as a business especially in Nigeria, where everything we do and get is really by the grace of God, engage in CSR and see the mountain of prayers that will be heaped upon your business – You can never miss.

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