You’re Simply Special

This is a resounding shout out to all career professionals, workers & business executives. We celebrate everyone in the corporate world working hard for realization of various organizational goals & objectives.

You were specially celebrated the world over yesterday but today we encourage that you treat yourself very special. This is because indeed you are very special.

As a worker in any organization, you’re an integral part of the value chain process. Whatever role you play in your organization is very important & counts in the long run.

Whether you work in accounts, audit, HR, operations or admin, in the office or you work hard in the sun, your work counts. You’re the reason why your organization is still in business; don’t ever forget that.

The aggregate of your small or big contributions to overall delivery of corporate goals makes lives better all over. Never underestimate your role in your organization.

We found out yesterday that the worker is the 3-key elements in any organization; you’re either adding or deducting value.

Just imagine what a strong & formidable workforce can achieve for an organization. Be a valuable worker. Its true no one is indispensable, but we also know some guys are outstanding workers. Be that worker. Be on top of your game; make it a goal to be that outstanding worker, you can’t lose value.

Appreciate the contributions of your colleagues, superiors & subordinates. You guys are a team. You need their support & cooperation in your team. Don’t use people and then discard them like tissue. It’s a bad attitude. Build true, genuine relationships with people in your office. They’re the ones you spend most of your time with.

Humans are created for relationships & connection. We can achieve so much together if we collaborate. Such connections is what makes the business world strong & prosperous.

There’s always the continuous dynamics of competing today & collaborating tomorrow, but building the global economy together.

In addition, pay attention to your health. That is where all your wealth lies, your physical wellbeing. Also, pay special attention to your spirit. That’s the real you. Stay devoted & connected to Him, God of the spirits of all flesh.

Rest well & deal with every trace of negative emotion or any kind of negativity in/around you. It’s destructive.

Manage your personal relationships well. If married, be faithful, loyal & devoted to your spouse. If you’re single, stay true to yourself & your values. Focus on your job and take good care of yourself.

Finally be generous, give yourself to God, to your job, to your relationships, to your family & to your community.

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